The Goats
Our herd of Cashmere x Boer meat goats provide us with around 60 kid goats each year.
We started with 3 in-kid goats in January 2010 and by keeping all the females born each year and just selling the male kids for meat, we have increased to our current number of 30 breeding does.
We also have Rooney, our 100% Boer buck and Hunky who keeps him company!
We raise the kids by leaving them with their mothers for 4/5 months or until the mothers wean them naturally. After a couple of weeks away from the main herd so they can be weaned, they then rejoin the other goats and graze all the fields throughout the summer and autumn. During the winter they live in a cosy barn eating the hay we made on the farm in the summer

The kids are kept until the autumn and then are sent to a local abattoir which is small and stress-free for them. The meat is wonderfully tender, lean and full of flavour. We sell the meat from the farm to order.

The goats give us hours and hours of pleasure as well as hours and hours of tactical capture techniques when they have disappeared from the field!
Bere Marsh Farm in The Guardian
Great-tasting goat meat starts with welfare
The goats at Bere Marsh Farm are happy beasts - and that's the most-important factor affecting the flavour of their meat, says farmer Fiona Gerardin
Interview by Sue Quinn The Guardian, Saturday 2 August 2014
Order our Organic Kid Goat 2015
Order our Organic Kid Goat 2015
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